About Prue

Prue is an experienced body work practitioner having worked in the holistic world for over 15 years.  She specialises in creating spiritual treatments that transform the mind and body. Using massage, reflexology and Reiki as access points she works with influences from the Shamanic tradition, ancestral lineage, esoteric astrology and plant spirit medicine.

Prue spent 8 years working in International Public Relations before moving to Asia. On her return to the UK she spent the next five years studying the effect of stress on the mind and body. Her qualifications include anatomy and physiology, holistic massage, deep tissue massage,  pregnancy massage, Indian head massage, reflexology, Reiki and nutritional healing.

In 2014 her book, The Natural Laws of Work was published and was 6th on the Amazon best seller list for their stress management books.

While predominantly working with her clients on a one on one basis, Prue also runs workshops, a monthly woman’s circle and speaks in businesses regarding stress management.

My Journey

I’ve always been drawn to the unseen world and am devoted to working with the wisdom that resides here.  While working in International Public Relations for many years I studied reflexology, palmistry and other holistic practices to gain a deeper understanding of the world that we live in.

However my healing journey only truly began when I left London and moved East; living and working in India and Thailand for several years. It was here that I truly understood that our physical world is a reflection of our inner, emotional one and that by creating a sacred space for reconnection we can transform our experience in this lifetime.

While travelling, i also spent time working on a farm in Tauranga in New Zealand. Each morning I would get up early and walk to the orange grove and collect oranges for juicing. This was my favourite time of the day – the animals were stirring while everyone else was asleep; underneath that blue sky with the sun rising I felt so alive. Connected to something bigger than myself. Each of my cells seemed to pulsate with life as i felt truly present and grounded in my body. So when I created my own Orange Grove, I knew that I wanted this deep experience of physical and emotional connection for my clients as well.