Aries Full Moon – Thursday 5th October 2017

It’s a full moon tonight. And as it’s an Aries full moon this one wants to be noticed. Aries are our natural born leaders, represented by the ram. They move through obstacles and challenges with fire and passion and this energy abounds with the incoming full moon.

And yes – for many of us, full moons feel intense. It’s no wonder that the word lunacy comes from this word as the additional lunar light illuminates our blind spots and unresolved issues. There’s no hiding at this time as our energy, emotions and feelings are all heightened. This, combined with the increase of positive icons flooding the atmosphere and constricting our blood flow, creates a sense of physical and mental tightness – like an overblown balloon waiting to pop.

And yet amidst with all these swirling currents – it’s also a time of great power. Along with our fertility being at it’s peak – so is our ability to make things happens. Spells, rituals and intentions are all supercharged. Our dreams more vivid.

It’s a time to tap into into the magic of the ram and lift up the veil of the unseen world. Right now what we want, dream and desire is at our fingertips