The new moon on Saturday is in Scorpio; the deepest and darkest of all the zodiac signs. It’s no coincidence that this moon follows closely behind the mystical customs of Halloween (31st October) and the Mexican Day of the Dead (2nd November). With the evenings closing in and the temperatures dropping, this more introverted time of the year has long been connected to death and the afterlife. Our Celt ancestors saw this as a time of great spiritual potency as the veil between our world and the spirit world is at it’s thinnest.

And yet while Scorpio is indeed closely intertwined with death, this sign is more interested in the transformation that death brings. This time is all about allowing the parts that no longer serve us to die. Because this moon wants personal transformation for each and every one of us. And Scorpio allows us to do this by embracing the dark. By looking at the areas in our lives which we would prefer to ignore or keep hidden.

Yet this sign knows that is it only by exposing our deepest, darkest fears that we can overcome these self imposed barriers and limitations that can cause such pain and constriction in our lives. So whether we are being held prisoner by a substance, a relationship, an attribute, fear or false hope, this Scorpio moon creates a oppotunity to release this.

And yet it’s not always easy to look at our skeletons hiding in the closet – perhaps that is why this sign is so closely connected to the firey planet of Mars. We need the power of this war God to fight and ultimately destroy our inner demons.

Whatever our secrets are, this new lunar cycle offer us the strength to lift the veil and face our deepest fears. This moon is intense – jealously and possessiveness can, if unchecked abound. Yet if we can go underneath these traits there is a stillness and acceptance waiting for us. The chance to accept the whole of who we are – the dark and the light which we need both of in this world to thrive.


The new moon today is in Libra – the peacekeeper and diplomat of the zodiac. Represented by the scales – this sign is all about justice and balance. As the new moon is a time of new beginnings and setting our goals and intentions for the next cycle; this particular moon asks us to look at the areas in our life which are out of sync.

Whether it’s work, family or health. This is a great opportunity to look at what things are out of alignment so that we truly appreciate and see the beauty in our lives. Because while Libra is ruled by Venus and connected to the more harmonious aspects of life; she also understands how difficult it can be to stay balanced in an unbalanced world. As we move into the more introverted and darker half of the year – this moon illuminates ways in which we can live our lives differently, choices that we can make that allow us to stay connected to ourselves, undeterred by circumstances around us.

And yes while this sign can be indecisive and sometimes hindered by always seeing both sides of an issue, Libra is also very charming and well liked. So if you are needing help from others – the Libra moon with her natural grace and eloquence means that reaching out to others is much easier right now.

Physically Libra resides over the the kidneys, hips and bladder so if we’re out of balance physically and emotionally these areas may show up. When our bodies want to get our attention (and previous attempts are ignored) then it will often turn up the heat and grab our attention through pain as this is usually the quickest way that we implement changes.

Geranium the oil of love and trust, is the signature essential oil for Libra. Regarded as a powerful healer by ancient civilisations – this oil helps us to reconnect to our hearts. Geranium heals the pain of disconnection created when we we stop trusting ourselves, it brings us back into balance so that we can embody the natural harmony that nature and this new lunar cycle provides.

Aries Full Moon – Thursday 5th October 2017

It’s a full moon tonight. And as it’s an Aries full moon this one wants to be noticed. Aries are our natural born leaders, represented by the ram. They move through obstacles and challenges with fire and passion and this energy abounds with the incoming full moon.

And yes – for many of us, full moons feel intense. It’s no wonder that the word lunacy comes from this word as the additional lunar light illuminates our blind spots and unresolved issues. There’s no hiding at this time as our energy, emotions and feelings are all heightened. This, combined with the increase of positive icons flooding the atmosphere and constricting our blood flow, creates a sense of physical and mental tightness – like an overblown balloon waiting to pop.

And yet amidst with all these swirling currents – it’s also a time of great power. Along with our fertility being at it’s peak – so is our ability to make things happens. Spells, rituals and intentions are all supercharged. Our dreams more vivid.

It’s a time to tap into into the magic of the ram and lift up the veil of the unseen world. Right now what we want, dream and desire is at our fingertips

New Moon in Virgo (20th September 2017) and the Autumn Equinox (22nd September 2017)

This week is particularly special and one that deserves our attention. Firstly we have a new moon and secondly we have the Autumn Equinox.

As always the new moon is our opportunity to start afresh with a blank sheet. Any changes we wish to implement are boosted by the magnificent power of the lunar cycle so it’s a great time to set new things in motion. This new moon is governed by the precise and organised Virgo, the sign most connected to health and work. So any changes that you wish to make in these areas will be supercharged right now as these choices will be working with the natural flow.

You may feel a distinct energy shift this week. There is a marked difference as we leave Leo, the sun god and move into the more serious and hardworking Virgo. This sign heralds a time of solitude as she urges us to get focused and back into reality after the excesses of Summer.

Lavender is the signature oil of Virgo – as well as soothing tired muscles and minds, it helps rebalance the central nervous system.

There can be a tendency for Virgo, in their pursuit of order and perfection to over extend themselves. To over give in their desire to be useful and of service. So be aware that while this time is ripe for focusing on work and health – it’s not about choices that are detrimental for your wellbeing.

Seasonal we naturally want to slow down as we head into Autumn. The light and energy of Summer is no longer available to us and we have different requirements, physically and mentally as we move into the colder, darker months.

The equinox on Friday 22nd September, meaning a time of equal day and night, is a big deal to our bodies. This seasonal shift as we move from Summer to Winter influences the photon activity resulting in a huge surge of energy.

Often our cells take advantage of this newly available energy and use it to get rid of any toxicity or stagnation in the form of a cold (or flu). While it may feel uncomfortable – this natural detox is a great boost for your immune system. If unsupressed and supported by rest, water and light foods, this detox, usually lasting three days, will set you up really well for the coming months.

New Moon in Leo (again) and an Eclipse – 21st August 2017

This new moon is a particularly potent one. Firstly it’s another new moon in Leo – a rare opportunity to build on what we set in motion last month and secondly it’s a solar eclipse.

Physically an eclipse occurs when the moon moves between the sun and earth and blocks the sun’s rays. This means that a shadow is cast on Earth and for a short period of time the sky will become dark. How dark all depends on where we are in the world. In the UK it will be a partial eclipse
whereas our American friends will experience it much more intensely; as for the first time in 99 years 14 states will have a total eclipse and complete darkness for up to two minutes.
Eclipses are energetically very powerful and demand that we take notice. They have the all the power of a new moon thrice-fold so for us it’s like experiencing a new moon on steroids.

This time is about progression and moving forward in our lives. As with all new moons this is the start of a new chapter so now, more than ever, it’s time to take action and start afresh. Any new choices or behaviours that we make will be supercharged and have long and far reaching consequences.

Eclipses often brought great fear and terror to our ancestors who saw them as an omen of death – however a more accurate understanding is that they are an omen of what is to come. They open a portal to our future selves as they create major turning points in our lives. Events and situations are propelled forward at great speed so anything unresolved or hidden is likely to be illuminated.

Rather than fear it, this is time of great change and opportunity. To make the most of this new moon eclipse it’s important to take some time to look at what you want to achieve and create in your life.

Leo is the strongest and most powerful sign in the Zodiac, ruled by the Sun, Leo thrives on being centre stage. This is the most powerful time to connect with your Leo energy – focus on where you want to shine and take some time to really visualise your future self, shining – in all your unique, undeniable glory.

New Moon in Leo – 23rd July 2017

Our next lunar cycle starts with the new moon in Leo. Represented by the Lion and ruled by the sun, Leo is the most powerful sign within the zodiac. Traditionally seen as the astrological sign for kings and queens – Leo is now also recognised as being the sign of the politician and performer. (There are an abundance of Leos in the media).

Leos thrive in the limelight and belong centre stage as their self confidence is bolstered by being revered by others.

As new moons are so potent, this new cycle offers us a powerful opportunity to tap into this power. Leos tend to shine brightly – they are ruled by the sun after all – so this is a great time for us to put ourselves out there, in all of our glory.

Even the most introverted among us can use this new moon to set new behaviours in place. If there is anything you want to be acknowledged and recognised for – this is the time to show up.

Physically Leo rules the heart and circulation system. In Chinese medicine, the heart is considered to be the ruler of all the other organs, in a similar way that the Lion is seen as the ruler of the jungle.

As our blood circulation is at it’s peak during the Leo new moon, having a restless nights sleep can be quite common. Keeping our body temperature cool definitely helps. One way we can do this is by soaking our feet in cold water for a few minutes before we go to sleep.

Back problems and issues with the spine can also be harder to ignore during a Leo new moon. It’s a great time to have a massage or see an osteopath as the moon energy will intensify the healing effects. Even just placing a warm flannel or hot water bottle across your back will help ease any building tension.

I find that i use more Bergamot essential oil around a Leo new moon. As well as being uplifting and cleansing – emotionally this oil helps us to reconnect with our heart and truly accept who we are.

Ultimately this new moon is an invitation for us to shine. This time is ripe for us to think about our own qualities and what we are most proud of of. Even taking just five minutes to reflect on ourselves and what we like most, will go a long way.

New Moon in Gemini – 25th May 2017

Our new lunar cycle starts with a ‘super’ new moon in Gemini. This is the second super moon of the year and lets us know that all feelings, thoughts and behaviours are magnified right now . .. there’s no hiding from the Gemini twins and the opportunities that they offer us.

And there are lots right now. New moons are all about new beginnings, writing our next chapter and this is such a ripe, potent time to sweep away all that old, residue ‘waste’ so that we can make space for the new. It’s a time to shine and share your words with others. Geminis are the natural communicators of the zodiac – they love to talk, learn and share…. It’s not surprising that this sign is ruled by Mercury the planet of communication.

Physically Gemini resides over the central nervous system, lungs, arms and hands. So you may be more aware of these areas than usual. Whether it’s feeling breathless or just a little more anxious and in your head (Gemini is an air sign and can find it challenging to stay grounded). Anything that you can do to support yourself, especially in these areas is very beneficial.

And remember, it doesn’t have to be ‘big’. Simple acts of self care go along way right now- whether it’s getting a massage, having an epsom salt bath or doing some physical stretches with the intention of working specific muscles. Everything helps.

Patricia Davis (one of my my favourite authors) says that Basil is the signature oil for Gemini. Not only is it useful for treating lung infections and asthma but it also helps with mental alertness when the usually sharp Gemini is feeling tired or foggy. Peppermint is also helpful for boosting a tired twin and lavender can be especially helpful in keeping the Gemini energy grounded.

Overall this super new moon is a particularly powerful time for us. As Gemini loves connecting and communicating, its a great chance to review how we spend our social time. Any new behaviours and steps that we make forward in sharing ourself and our words will be greatly approved by this Gemini moon.

New Moon in Taurus – 26th April 2017

The new moon tonight is in Taurus, the first and in many ways the ‘earthiest’ and most stable and security conscious of all the Earth signs. Represented by the bull, Taurus naturally holds itself in high regard. It’s a sign that that is aware of it’s own value and embraces it’s proud and tenacious personality as it moves steadily forward in the world.

So as new moons are so potent for starting afresh and putting new behaviours in place, this particular Taurus moon offers us an opportunity to look at our own worth, how we regard and look after ourselves. It’s such a powerful time to go deeper, to look beneath our self esteem and see what our foundations look like – is our core feeling healthy and fertile or requiring more care and nurturing?

Physically Taurus governs the neck, throat and thyroid. This area is connected to the throat chakra and is all about how we communicate in the world. When we stop speaking out and voicing what we need this area can often get blocked and congested. It’s such a good indicator of how our self esteem is doing as when we are feeling shaky or holding back then our voice is often the first thing to reflect this.

Essential oils are really good at reconnecting us to our inner bulls and helping boost our self esteem when it feels low. As Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, it is not surprising that Rose essential oil is most commonly connected to Taurus. Rose holds a higher frequency than any other oil and helps to clear away negative beliefs so that you can connect with pure, divine love. Geranium essential oil is also good to use at this time as it’s one of the best oils to restore trust in yourself as well as others. It’s a great one to smell or diffuse any time you feel less worthy than your bull would approve of.

Ultimately this is a precious time to focus on you – especially looking at how you see your value and your worth in the world. There is no other you and if you notice feelings of lack then it is a sign that you just need to take a few moments to connect with your Taurus bull and release any negativity from your foundations.

New Moon in Aries – 28th March 2017

The new moon today is in Aries. This is quite an energetic step change as Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and signifies the beginning of the ‘natural year’ (rather than the ‘calendar’ year). So this new moon is particularly potent as it starts a new astrological cycle. It’s an exciting time – all about new, fresh energy as we leave the hardship and stagnation of Winter behind and enter a time of action.

And Aries loves action. Connected to Mars – the planet of War – Aries, the ram, thrives on having a higher purpose, a life calling. This is the time to consider what your 2017 mission is – where do you want to direct this Aries power? Make some time to really think about what you want to achieve as the full force of this new moon will really deepen your intention and help you move forward towards your goal.

Physically Aries is connected to the head so any imbalance is likely to show up here – whether it’s a headache, your sinuses feeling congested or tension around the eyes. It’s often connected to the feeling of impatience – the need to move forward. If you are feeling restrained and held back then try and get outside today and reconnect with nature – walking barefoot is particularly helpful as it
helps clear the top heavy Aries energy and ground your energetic field.

Any movement today is particularly beneficial. Whether it’s in the physical realm such as a vigorous walk or whether you choose to take an emotional or spiritual action. It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and address anything that you’ve been avoiding or holding yourself back from. Aries is the natural warrior and with this role has much bravery – there is an abundance of courage available to tap into today- most the most of it.

So in summary – today (and the next three days) is the time to take action! Be clear with where you want to go. Aries loves clarity and direction. Whatever you do to move forward will be honoured by the full power of nature.

Dream big, be brave and make that first step.

New moon in Pisces – Sunday 26th February 2017

The new moon today is in Pisces. This water sign is the last in the Zodiac cycle and brings with it a great deal of ancient wisdom and mysticism. The most delicate and sensitive archetype, Pisces is highly intuitive, empathetic and compassionate. All these qualities are particularly heightened around this time and you may notice that you feel more vulnerable and in touch with your feelings than usual.

While this may feel uncomfortable, this time is actually incredibly powerful as this new moon offers us the chance to look at life beyond the constrictions of everyday reality. It’s an invitation to go deeper and imagine a different future not just for ourself but for the world.

It’s no surprise that Pisces is connected to Neptune – the sea god – the planet so intertwined with spiritual aspirations and artistic inspiration. Yet this time comes with a caveat. While we can embrace the magical potential, we need to be aware that Pisces is connection to illusion and delusion. The two fishes which represent this sign are swimming in different directions for a reason. They show the different pulls that Pisces often struggles with – one fish swimming upwards towards divine connection the other fish swimming downwards towards self sabotage and emotional overwhelm.

This is a time to stay true to yourself. While the Pisces energy may feel like it is pushing and pulling you, it’s important to stay connected to your bigger life purpose. To focus on your dreams and how you can manifest the upward swimming fish’s deepest and most heartfelt desires.

As with all new moons; any new behaviours are fortified and strengthened by the full power of the lunar cycle. This is a powerful opportunity to imagine all that you wish life to be. Creative visualisation was made for a Pisces new moon as were all the mystical arts such as yoga, meditation and chanting.

Physically Pisces is connected to the feet so any ailments, tension or imbalances can be felt more acutely at this time. Anything that you can do to nurture and care for your feet will be particularly beneficial and have much longer lasting benefits. Whether it is a pedicure, reflexology treatment or just warm foot bath in a washing up bowl.

Melissa is the signature oil for Pisces. This watery plant is highly regarded as an antidepressant, (important for our downward swimming fish). Melissa lifts negative thoughts and emotional burdens by inviting you to participate in the higher realms of living and dreaming.

And really that is what the Pisces new moon is all about. Taking time to imagine life ‘outside of the box’ and connecting to that magical unseen life force that surrounds each and every one of us.