As well as it being a new moon tomorrow (Thursday 15th February) in Aquarius, it is also a solar eclipse – a time when the sun is obscured by the moon. An eclipse is always noteworthy as feelings are often heightened during this ‘shadow’ time. So if you find that your emotions are running amok right now, it may very well be connected to the eclipse and the new moon – conspiring together to help you release old toxic ways so that you can make way for the new.

Because Aquarius is all about the new. Underlying it’s cool and sometimes aloof persona, this sign is often ahead of it’s time, challenging the status quo and pioneering social change. Ruled by Uranus – the planet of the unconventional and the unexpected, Aquarius can appear eccentric and non conformist. However underneath this detachment and dislike of expressing emotions, Aquarius is deeply concerned with humanitarian issues and helping their fellow humans beings reach their highest potential. They thrive on social interaction and care greatly about the welfare of the group.

Physically Aquarius is connected to the lower legs, particularly the ankles. It’s worth giving these areas more attention around this new moon as any effort that you put in is greatly magnified and will have longer lasting benefits.

Problems in these areas can also arise at this time so be aware that varicose veins, ankle sprains and calf cramps may arise. Lying down with your feet elevated will help release tension especially if you can use some vertivert or cypress essential oil. These essential oils (used in a carrier oil) are particularly good for circulation and ankle tension. Also using your own salvia is one of the best things for getting the circulation moving.

The essential oil Neroli is the signature oil for Aquarius. This revered oil is great for meditation and calming the active mind. It’s also really good for insomnia which can blight Aquarius as it’s mind is alway thinking ahead and planning the future.

As a new moon is all about new beginnings. This is a powerful opportunity to bring ‘new-ness’ into our life. Aquarius loves new ideas, new technologies or anything unusual or unorthodox so this is a great time to explore new things in your life. This sign is also strongly connected to friendship and the transformational power that a tribe/friendship group can create when coming together.

Take some time to look at your current friendships and consider how they enhance or detract from your life. Aquarius wants us to think bigger and look at our lives from a different view point and the people that we surround ourselves are key in how we live now as well as the future that we wish to create.