The new moon tonight (Thursday 29th) is in Capricorn – the sign represented by the hard working, conscientious sea goat. This mythical creature – half goat with the hind body of a fish is the deepest of all the earth signs. Determined to reach the top of the mountain, whatever the terrain, the sea goat has a tenacity to succeed.

As with all new moons this is a potent time to start afresh and begin a new chapter in your life. It’s an opportunity to harness this Capricorn power and transition from the energetic imbalance of Christmas to a more structured and logical way of being. This is a great time to plan your long term goals, especially around your career as this new lunar cycle offers us a chance to reconnect with our more grounded and traditional part of ourselves.

Capricorn is closely connected to Saturn, the planet of time, responsibilities and boundaries. The sea goat takes it’s responsibilities very seriously; especially in the work place. Taking some time out today (and for the next three days when the lunar energy is at it’s peak) to look at your career goals would be really beneficial. This moon really welcomes structure and any new behaviours that you put in place will be greatly supported and boosted by this Capricorn lunar cycle.

Physically Capricorn is connected to the skeletal system – which is not surprising as this is our own internal structure – in particular the knees. You may notice that these areas make their presence known around this time; whether it’s stiffness or pain in one or both knees. Keeping them warm will ease this and massaging them in circular, clockwise directions will help. It is best to avoid over exerting yourself physically as your knees will benefit in the long term if you allow them to rest during these three days.

Vertivert is the signature essential oil for Capricorn and it’s earthy, smoky aroma feels like it is more connected to an animal than a plant. It’s particularly good for rheumatic and arthritic pain (put some in a carrier oil and make a massage blend to help release tightness in your knees). The Far East call vertivert the oil of Tranquility; this is particularly helpful for all of our inner sea goats especially if you find that your duty to work overwhelms your duty to yourself.