New Moon in Leo (again) and an Eclipse – 21st August 2017

This new moon is a particularly potent one. Firstly it’s another new moon in Leo – a rare opportunity to build on what we set in motion last month and secondly it’s a solar eclipse.

Physically an eclipse occurs when the moon moves between the sun and earth and blocks the sun’s rays. This means that a shadow is cast on Earth and for a short period of time the sky will become dark. How dark all depends on where we are in the world. In the UK it will be a partial eclipse
whereas our American friends will experience it much more intensely; as for the first time in 99 years 14 states will have a total eclipse and complete darkness for up to two minutes.
Eclipses are energetically very powerful and demand that we take notice. They have the all the power of a new moon thrice-fold so for us it’s like experiencing a new moon on steroids.

This time is about progression and moving forward in our lives. As with all new moons this is the start of a new chapter so now, more than ever, it’s time to take action and start afresh. Any new choices or behaviours that we make will be supercharged and have long and far reaching consequences.

Eclipses often brought great fear and terror to our ancestors who saw them as an omen of death – however a more accurate understanding is that they are an omen of what is to come. They open a portal to our future selves as they create major turning points in our lives. Events and situations are propelled forward at great speed so anything unresolved or hidden is likely to be illuminated.

Rather than fear it, this is time of great change and opportunity. To make the most of this new moon eclipse it’s important to take some time to look at what you want to achieve and create in your life.

Leo is the strongest and most powerful sign in the Zodiac, ruled by the Sun, Leo thrives on being centre stage. This is the most powerful time to connect with your Leo energy – focus on where you want to shine and take some time to really visualise your future self, shining – in all your unique, undeniable glory.