The new moon today is in Libra – the peacekeeper and diplomat of the zodiac. Represented by the scales – this sign is all about justice and balance. As the new moon is a time of new beginnings and setting our goals and intentions for the next cycle; this particular moon asks us to look at the areas in our life which are out of sync.

Whether it’s work, family or health. This is a great opportunity to look at what things are out of alignment so that we truly appreciate and see the beauty in our lives. Because while Libra is ruled by Venus and connected to the more harmonious aspects of life; she also understands how difficult it can be to stay balanced in an unbalanced world. As we move into the more introverted and darker half of the year – this moon illuminates ways in which we can live our lives differently, choices that we can make that allow us to stay connected to ourselves, undeterred by circumstances around us.

And yes while this sign can be indecisive and sometimes hindered by always seeing both sides of an issue, Libra is also very charming and well liked. So if you are needing help from others – the Libra moon with her natural grace and eloquence means that reaching out to others is much easier right now.

Physically Libra resides over the the kidneys, hips and bladder so if we’re out of balance physically and emotionally these areas may show up. When our bodies want to get our attention (and previous attempts are ignored) then it will often turn up the heat and grab our attention through pain as this is usually the quickest way that we implement changes.

Geranium the oil of love and trust, is the signature essential oil for Libra. Regarded as a powerful healer by ancient civilisations – this oil helps us to reconnect to our hearts. Geranium heals the pain of disconnection created when we we stop trusting ourselves, it brings us back into balance so that we can embody the natural harmony that nature and this new lunar cycle provides.