The new moon on Saturday is in Scorpio; the deepest and darkest of all the zodiac signs. It’s no coincidence that this moon follows closely behind the mystical customs of Halloween (31st October) and the Mexican Day of the Dead (2nd November). With the evenings closing in and the temperatures dropping, this more introverted time of the year has long been connected to death and the afterlife. Our Celt ancestors saw this as a time of great spiritual potency as the veil between our world and the spirit world is at it’s thinnest.

And yet while Scorpio is indeed closely intertwined with death, this sign is more interested in the transformation that death brings. This time is all about allowing the parts that no longer serve us to die. Because this moon wants personal transformation for each and every one of us. And Scorpio allows us to do this by embracing the dark. By looking at the areas in our lives which we would prefer to ignore or keep hidden.

Yet this sign knows that is it only by exposing our deepest, darkest fears that we can overcome these self imposed barriers and limitations that can cause such pain and constriction in our lives. So whether we are being held prisoner by a substance, a relationship, an attribute, fear or false hope, this Scorpio moon creates a oppotunity to release this.

And yet it’s not always easy to look at our skeletons hiding in the closet – perhaps that is why this sign is so closely connected to the firey planet of Mars. We need the power of this war God to fight and ultimately destroy our inner demons.

Whatever our secrets are, this new lunar cycle offer us the strength to lift the veil and face our deepest fears. This moon is intense – jealously and possessiveness can, if unchecked abound. Yet if we can go underneath these traits there is a stillness and acceptance waiting for us. The chance to accept the whole of who we are – the dark and the light which we need both of in this world to thrive.