New Moon in Virgo (20th September 2017) and the Autumn Equinox (22nd September 2017)

This week is particularly special and one that deserves our attention. Firstly we have a new moon and secondly we have the Autumn Equinox.

As always the new moon is our opportunity to start afresh with a blank sheet. Any changes we wish to implement are boosted by the magnificent power of the lunar cycle so it’s a great time to set new things in motion. This new moon is governed by the precise and organised Virgo, the sign most connected to health and work. So any changes that you wish to make in these areas will be supercharged right now as these choices will be working with the natural flow.

You may feel a distinct energy shift this week. There is a marked difference as we leave Leo, the sun god and move into the more serious and hardworking Virgo. This sign heralds a time of solitude as she urges us to get focused and back into reality after the excesses of Summer.

Lavender is the signature oil of Virgo – as well as soothing tired muscles and minds, it helps rebalance the central nervous system.

There can be a tendency for Virgo, in their pursuit of order and perfection to over extend themselves. To over give in their desire to be useful and of service. So be aware that while this time is ripe for focusing on work and health – it’s not about choices that are detrimental for your wellbeing.

Seasonal we naturally want to slow down as we head into Autumn. The light and energy of Summer is no longer available to us and we have different requirements, physically and mentally as we move into the colder, darker months.

The equinox on Friday 22nd September, meaning a time of equal day and night, is a big deal to our bodies. This seasonal shift as we move from Summer to Winter influences the photon activity resulting in a huge surge of energy.

Often our cells take advantage of this newly available energy and use it to get rid of any toxicity or stagnation in the form of a cold (or flu). While it may feel uncomfortable – this natural detox is a great boost for your immune system. If unsupressed and supported by rest, water and light foods, this detox, usually lasting three days, will set you up really well for the coming months.