Spiritual Counselling

I highly recommend a Spiritual Counselling session with Prue. Prue has been my spiritual counsellor for 3 years and without her help or guidance, I wouldn’t be where I am today. When I met her 3 years ago, it’s safe to say I was in a complete mess. My anxiety was sky high and I could just about pluck up the courage to leave my front door so I could make a change in my claustrophobic lifestyle. With Reiki, Massage and Spiritual Counselling, Prue has changed my life. Her professional but gentle and mindful approach to our sessions are what makes them so personal and special. Prue wants nothing more than to make sure you leave after the session feeling how you’d envisioned to feel leaving. Thanks to Prue, I am so much clearer on my path, calmer and hugely more confident than I was 3 years ago.  Katie  – Northaw

Everyone of one of us has experienced times in our lives when we feel lost. When we feel unsure of the direction that we are ‘supposed’ to go in.  And while these times can feel challenging, they also contain gifts of great transformation. With guidance, your darkest hours can reveal a different path, a new way of being that reconnects your physical and emotional aspects together. 

Spiritual counselling works with all the different threads in your life to create a sense of wholeness. Each session is tailored to you and takes into account your personal journey looking at your birth chart, your current numerology cycle as well other spiritual influences specific to you.

“The astrological reading was of huge benefit to me, and perfectly timed. It has helped in my day-to-day life and in identifying and mapping out goals for the future. Prue was fluent and adept at helping me realise aspects of my life chart that had previously felt cloaked or hidden from me. A happy unearthing! I have found this reading to have increased my motivation and enthusiasm for everything from my current and future plans, to my more pressing imminent objectives. Renee London