Staying calm during this festive time!

There is nothing like Christmas around the corner to raise our stress levels. As well as all the usual busy life and work activities we now are required to include shopping, decorating, present buying, christmas parties and the list goes on. Although these are deemed ‘fun activities’, for many of us the overwhelm of our to-do list can intrude on enjoying this time of year.

This simple meditation allows you to consider how you want to be this Christmas – do you want to be rushing around like a headless turkey or do you want to be calm, present and able to enjoy the increased social connections that this month offers? You decide:


Find a place where you won’t be interrupted for five minutes. Turn off your phone. Sit straight in a chair with both feet planted firmly on the ground. Take three deep slow breaths – ensure that your stomach expands on your in-breath. Bring to mind (whether you can visualise or just feel the sensations – both are fine) a time when you were most stressed. Imagining the Carmina Burana theme can help. See how it feels in your body and notice where you hold the physical sensations. Watch yourself interact with your colleagues, friends and family and how they respond to you. How does it feel to be your body? Observe the picture.

Take three deep breaths and mentally exhale this scenario on your out breaths. Stand up and shake your body. Sit down and again, take three conscious breaths – bring to mind a picture of yourself feeling invincible. This may be real or imagined. Ignore any mental brain chatter and focus on seeing yourself in all of your personal power. See yourself in your work, home and car/tube feeling light and energised (keep breathing). Notice how your colleagues and friends respond to you, notice how it feels in your skin. Take some time to breathe in this picture.