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Summer Seasonal Massage

This detoxifying treatment is specifically designed for people who work inside during the Summer months. While the sun and the increased heat is renowned for being an immediate mood enhancer; for many people working indoors or spending alot of time driving the increased heat can cause discomfort and frustration. So that this time of year can be truly embraced, the Summer treatment works to detoxify the body so that it can enjoy and make the most of the feel good serotonin levels that are heightened around this time of year.

Using hopi ear candles to detoxify and clear the head and sinus area, the treatment is followed by deep tissue techniques using Emu oil on the back, shoulders and legs which works to alleviate any congestion that is typically felt during hot weather. Reflexology is also included to help re-balance the mind as well as the body so that any frustrations float away and the joy that this time of year brings can be truly embraced.

The two hour Summer treatment is available during June, July and August and is £75.

Summer seasonal massage