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The best piece of advice I have ever been given


OK. So I am someone that likes to know things – I have lots of books, attended many courses around the world and am always fascinated to understand more about what makes our mind, body and soul healthy and happy. Yet when I stop and reflect on all the information I’ve collected so far, I think the best, most beneficial piece of advice is actually the most simplest.

Drink more water.

That’s it.

Of course I always knew that I needed to drink water yet never did. Purely because I didn’t understand why. It was during a lecture in Brighton, seven years ago, when I was studying nutritional healing that I learnt that I was made up of one hundred trillion cells and each little cell was 70% water. Like the world, which is also 70% water, our cells need a fluid environment so that they can carry out all their important, internal jobs that keep us alive, moment by moment.

I also realised during this lecture that I had not recognised the signs that my body was giving me when water resources were dwindling – headaches, constipation, irritability, hunger, pain – just some of the SOS signals that indicate that we are dehydrated and our bodies are having to use up precious water resources in the brain and large intestine.

Since that day, I feel so much more in tune with my body. I know now that when I want to eat and eat and eat it is actually my body telling me its thirsty. That any time I’m feeling cut off, alone or rigid that it’s a reflection of my cells getting too dry.

And there are days when I don’t bother, when I think, in my dehydrated state that it doesn’t matter and that my cross, rigid way of thinking is just how I am. Yet if I can summon up some personal responsibility and take a long glass of water, this dark cloud seems to immediately pass and I remember that two litres of clean, body temperature water spread throughout the day is a very small gift to my precious, hard working body.