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Staying healthy this week leading up to the Autumn equinox on Friday

With the Autumn Equinox on  Friday (23rd September), this is a very powerful time for your body to have a natural cleanse. If you find that you are feeling under the weather this week or are surrounded by people sniffing and sneezing – don’t despair, this is a positive sign that that people are having a natural detox! Drink lots of water and rest as much as you can and you’ll be setting yourself in good stead for a powerful Autumnal season!

Autumn health and well being

The first blog!

Welcome to The Orange Grove Blog! This is an extension of my website where I will have the space to look at health and well-being issues that can benefit people who work in offices. Since I set up The Orange Grove in 2006, my main focus has always been on looking at the office environment as I typically see a certain type of stress that is common in office workers. This ranges from physical symptoms relating to tension in the back, neck and shoulder muscles to mental issues that can cause digestive problems as well as headaches and lethargy.

The experience of being in an unnatural environment for many hours, away from natural light and air and in close proximity with many other office workers can take it’s toll on people’s general well being and vitality. However I am certainly not saying that the for all the 10million office workers in the UK that the future is doom and gloom, far from it. With just a few small techiniques that people can do which lowers stress levels so that office workers can thrive rather than just survive. It is these sort of things that we will be discussing here.