Holistic Therapy & Holistic Treatments, Potters Bar Hertfordshire


May’s treatment is guided by Beltane – the ancient festival celebrated on May 1st-  marking the beginning of the Celtic Summer. For thousands of years this season was honoured as a time of great passion, growth and activity. There is a natural impetus for us to move forward in our lives as the earth energies are at their strongest and fertility and creation are at their peak.

Symbolised by fire, keepers of this tradition would create bonfires to jump over for good fortune as well as use the smoke as a form of protection for themeselves and their loved ones. And we can use this time to connect with our own internal fire and understand how we are using our fire energy  to move forward in our lives.

So whether your inner fire is roaring or needs re-lighting, this Spring offering is about connecting to your passion.  As Beltane is a time when the veils between the seen and the unseen world are at their thinnest we can harness this opening for guidence as we enter this season of light.

At the end of the treatment you will feel re-fulled and with a greater understanding of how you can stay connected to your fire, passion and life purpose.

We will use astrological, numerology and shamanic wisdom as resources during this treatment.

There are 5 of these specific treatments available through April to June 2019.

Please let me know your date and location of birth (and birth time if known) when booking.

Time: 90 minutes

Cost: £90