Holistic Massage in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire

Having been lucky enough to have had many treatments with Prue, each and every one has created a different and wonderful experience. Her holistic and bespoke approach to my treatments has enabled me to feel fully invigorated or wholly relaxed, but most importantly very well cared for. A body and mind fuel that I am thankful to have whenever possible.”
— Estelle Taylor

There are so many different types of massage currently available that it can be hard to know what to choose. While we may want to release a stubborn knot and have a deep tissue massage one day, on another occasion we may just want to totally de-stress and relax on a deep level. Holistic massage focuses on what you require at that time. There are no routines as each treatment is tailored to you and what your mind and body need at that moment.

At the beginning of each treatment, we’ll always take time to talk and work out exactly what you want from your massage and how you want to feel at the end of our time together. I use different seasons as a guide and depending on the time of year, your treatment may include hot stones, peppermint foot baths or detoxifying herbal balms from Sri Lanka.

Aromatherapy massage

Each essential oil has a different intention, while rosemary is fantastic for our mental alertness, lavender is ideal if we wish to switch off and relax our mind and body. Depending on the time of year and your desired outcome, we’ll use a number different oils during our time together. During my seasonal newsletter, I always highlight an essential oil for the upcoming three months.

Hot stone massage

This is the most popular massage for the Autumn and Winter months. My hot stones feel like part of the family and each full moon I put them outside in the garden to recharge their healing properties. Each one is from South America and is made up of ancient volcanic basalt; they retain heat to warm and release tight muscles. This is the perfect restorative tonic for tired bodies and tired minds.

Facial massage

While this hugely popular massage is often incorporated into a holistic massage treatment, it is increasingly becoming a stand alone treatment in its own right. Focusing on acu-pressure points on the face and scalp and using a heavenly scented rose oil, the treatment is deeply relaxing and effective for relieving stress, migraine headaches, hormonal tension as well as sinus congestion.