Hopi Ear Candling in Potters Bar & Hertfordshire

“I have been booking treatments with Prue for over a year now and after experiencing many other therapists in the local area, I have chosen Prue over them all.  From the moment you walk in to the moment you leave, the overall feeling is relaxing as well as professional in the approach that Prue takes.  This provides myself with a wonderful break from a hectic lifestyle and truly benefits my overall well being.”
— Sue Hart

I had my first Hopi ear candling treatment in New Zealand and have been a huge fan ever since. It is such a relaxing treatment and while it detoxifies and can can help with conditions such as blocked sinuses, excessive ear wax and tinnitus; I find it is wonderful for clearing the mind and calming mental chatter.

It works very simply. The candle creates a light suction action that helps to release blocked pressure while the heat from the candle breaks up mucus which is moved out through the lymphatic system. This treatment also includes a facial massage and reflexology on the feet which is designed to clear and release residue tightness in the ear, nose and throat area.

While this a great treatment to have if you have recently had a cold as it helps to clear away any post-cold ailments, it also works well if you are due to fly as it can help avoid that blocked ear feelings that can happen on take off and landing.