Reflexology in Potters Bar and Hertfordshire

“I’ve being seeing Prue for massage and reflexology treatments for over seven years. A treatment by anyone else just isn’t the same! She combines her technical skills and intuition to create truly individual treatments that leave me floating all the way home”.  – Katie Shellard

Reflexology is one of my favourite treatments and for me has been life changing. When I initially signed up to the practitioner’s diplomas (over 15 years ago) I had no intention of using this skill professionally, I just thought it would be a nice thing to do for friends and family. However once I had qualified I realised that I loved feet more than my current PR job and decided to move to India and work out my life change!

For me it’s such a nurturing, deeply relaxing treatment. It works on so many different layers to  clear and rebalancing the physical and emotional parts of ourselves.

First practiced by the ancient Egyptians, reflexology is based on the principle that reflexes in the feet and hands correspond with organs, glands and structures within the body. By applying pressure to these reflex points it is possible to detect and clear blockages which enable the body to ‘heal itself’ by re–balancing thus allowing energy to flow more freely.

There has been a huge amount of research detailing how reflexology is highly effective in aiding with fertility and specific stress symptoms such as IBS, insomnia and migraines. While Google can be a good place to start your research – please do feel free to contact me ([email protected]) if there is specific information that you are interested in understanding more about.

Reflexology is especially beneficial during pregnancy. When I was pregnant, having regular reflexology treatments made such a difference to how I experienced the voyage from maiden to motherhood. As well as grounding my pregnancy hormones, it really helped release tension in my body (especially my sciatic nerves).