Reiki in Potters Bar & Hertfordshire

“A session with Prue restores balance and well being to the body and mind – with long lasting benefits. Pure and simply put – it’s bliss”. – Freya North


I studied Reiki when I lived in India. I was living in the foot hills of the Himalayas and each morning would have an hour long trek to my yoga class. After the yoga I would then stay on for my afternoon Reiki class. It felt very magical to learn this ancient healing technique while nestled very much in the heart of nature. It was time in my life when i really started connecting to the unseen world and I’m very grateful that I had this time to spend each afternoon looking out onto the snow capped mountain peaks and watch the local cows, goats and shepards wander past our door.

Reiki means universal life energy and is believed to have begun in Tibet several thousand years ago. Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese Christian educator in Kyoto rediscovered the ancient healing wisdom in the mid– to late 1800s and it was down to his vision that the Reiki healing is available to all.

This non invasive and (very) powerful healing creates a deep relaxation which allows the body to detoxify and release tensions, thoughts, patterns that longer serve you in your life. The treatment involves lying down, fully clothed as energy (through the hands) is channeled to specific parts of the body. It works really well as part of a massage or reflexology treatment as well as on it’s own. It’s the ideal treatment if you’re feeling stressed, anxious or worried in any way.